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Strong plastic adhesive. Protect your bike in the most critical impact areas.


  • Standard Fork Kit SFP
  • alcohol pads
  • Installation instructions
  • Number of Kit pieces: 6



Fork: 10 1/2" Height x 3 3/4" Width

Platen: 3,233cm High x 7,025cm Wide

Tall Bottle: 1,449cm Height x 7,057cm Width



Our material is a  15.0mil(0.0381cm) overlaminate specifically designed for ATVs, snowmobiles, premium clear , sides, hulls and other extreme applications requiring exceptional protection, durability and flexibility.


The products, when installed by us, have a 6-month warranty on their installation. (The installation time is stipulated based on the design already made, if we do not have the design we can take up to 48 business hours, and the time of arrival of the bicycle).

If you want an installed product, you have to ask for an hour, the bicycle and its transmission must come completely clean, without grease, mud or dust (including the transmission). Otherwise the bicycle cannot be received. (Cost of washing $15,000) In addition, you cannot bring any previous protector installed, if so, we charge a value of $30,000 for removing the installed protector. (although this is a factory plastic)

Standard Fork Kit

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